Count Your Nightmares

This is a Black and White Horror blog, and that could mean a lot of things. But I think i'll just leave it up to you to decide.

I hope you enjoy.
P.S. I'm a big Supernatural lover.
Occasionally NSFW




My cute little piggy. I love it already. Help me think of a name!

Update on this little guy: His name is Ganon!
Also, my mom finally saw him in my room, and she says: “oh my god, Tiffany what is that??? Is that a….oh my god. I think I need to take you to the hospital.”
I replied with: “Don’t you think he’s cute?!”
My mom: “He’s dead! That’s so odd.”
Me: “I’m yours, remember?”

that is so cool omg


Pow! Right in the kisser!